testing, testing. one.

Two. Three…
It occurred to me that if I had a blog app for the iPhone and if I had a signal and if I had dry weather I might be able (if not asleep) to post during our walk. ‘signal’ is extraordinarily unlikely, but I’m testing Blogpress just in case.

It seems to do words. There’s a button for photos, I feel compelled to press it…

The world did not end (well, it wasn’t a RED button) and it seems to have inserted a tiny fragment of the soul of my garden. I’m going to have to make my fingers thinner, though. Now will it post this?

Yes. We have a winner. Now, will we have a signal?

— posted on the move


About sarahw

A zoologist who draws, a spinner who weaves, a person who thinks.
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2 Responses to testing, testing. one.

  1. Mrs J says:

    Hmm… an O2 signel in Sutherland? You might do, but 3G????? Enjoy your walk anyway. I may be testing the signel in the Hebrides later in the year!


  2. Joanne says:

    Woohoo! What a wonderful trick! I hope this means I’ll be hearing more and more from you soon. I’m off to Winnipeg to find a house, but alas, that will likely mean fewer blog posts rather than more..at least for now.


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