What happened next


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A zoologist who draws, a spinner who weaves, a person who thinks.
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6 Responses to What happened next

  1. Zardra says:

    Horribly, horribly jealous; that's all I can say.


  2. Thank you for a really, really lovely blog post. I'm unutterably jealous of your visit to Orkney; Skara Brae, Brodgar, Maeshowe – all of these I desperately want to visit, and have done for some time. But I'd never heard of the Italian Chapel – I guess it's too 'recent' for my usual historical tastes. I followed the links, and I nearly cried. I don't consider myself a Christian, at all, but the passion speaks to me, nonetheless.


  3. Mardi says:

    Sigh. I love your blog. I'm just so…impressed by your powers of observation, the things that you notice, and the way that you can put into words the way things move you – even putting into words your lack of words. I plan to go there someday (after the Italy trip, which I told him has to come first because we both want to go to the UK SO much that I know we'll get there, but I have to see Italy before I leave this world) and you always just affirm the longing as your posts take me along on your travels – thanks for that. I have a good friend, an 80-something year old woman, who was stationed at Scapa Flow during the war, she was in the Navy. Many a tale she told me of here time there.


  4. spinpygora says:

    Oh my! I truly enjoyed reading this post. I felt as if I was almost there – you have a wonderful combination of great observational skills and can bring that forward in the written word. Sigh…something I obviously lack!! I hope to hear more about your Scottish travels this year at SOAR – it would seem we have similar interests (but my bug tolerance is WAAAY less than yours!!!)


  5. ~ Phyllis ~ says:

    What a lovely trip. That bookstore looks delightful.


  6. AllyBally says:

    midges only live on Hoy in Orkney? – if only that were true!speaking (or should that be spaekan?) as an Orcadian, living in Kirkwall, I know that they venture further afield!glad you enjoyed Orkney, anyway! 😀


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