New Orleans Day Two!

This began in the same way, but the piece of paper said the water advisory had been lifted. Huzzah!

It progressed to beignets and coffee, which this time arrived with glasses of water. We spent the morning riding the St Charles streetcar (oldest continually-operating streetcar line in the world). 

The Garden District looks as Garneau in Edmonton would if all the houses were twice or even three times the size.    

Of course some are bigger than others. Having spent two days avoiding full sun whenever possible, I understand why there are columns and deep, deep porches.


All the way out from Canal and back again, with a stop at the Audubon Park.

There were ducks that chirped more than quacked. There were lizards!   

There was also a turtle, perhaps a snapping turtle; the ducks were watching it carefully.

Spanish Moss! Live Oaks! Cypress knees, even if only baby ones.


A lot of life list items were ticked today.

Looking toward Canal down the side of the streetcar. One is not supposed to stick head or arms out of the windows, but there’s nothing to prevent it, bar the fact that a passing signpost or street lamp might remove these items from one’s body.


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