New Orleans Day Two con’t. Wow!

We met Dr Gumbo at SoBou for what proved to be three truly delightful hours learning about the history of Louisiana, New Orleans, and the cuisine of the area – and eating samples, of course. Grilled shrimp, beignets, po’ boy, muffaletta, gumbo and more.    

Discussing the virtues of Leah’s Bacon Peanut Brittle. Because, well… Bacon.

An episode of NCIS New Orleans (apparently) was being filmed by Jackson Square, but we were more interested in food. We finished with gumbo and a beer at about 4pm, after which we wandered down to Frenchmen Street. On the way I became intrigued by the narrow gaps between the houses, scarcely wide enough for a person to sidle through, which guve glimpses of private greenery and the mass. of wiring and meters that indicate a house is multiple occupancy.   

We enjoyed beer, music, more beer, food, and music.  

Willy Locket and the Blues Krewe at Bamboula.

then meandered back through the lively evening streets of the French Quarter. Bourbon was raunchy, lots of neon, loud canned music, booze and loud people. At one point a small group of men in white shirts and ties gathered around a large white cross planted in the middle of the street, loudly inviting (one had a loudhailer) passing sinners to see the error of their (our?) ways, to which a couple of bored people offered an automatic  chorus of ‘Hail Satan!’

Royal was much more refined, with musicians playing singly in groups on almost every corner. All were good; some, such as Tanya and Dorise, were spectacularly good.   

And that was Day Two.



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