Copenhagen Day One

Well, more accurately 0.5. We left Luton at about 11:30 (Ryanair doesn’t seem to be the most punctual of carriers) to arrive at Copenhagen Airport at about 14:00, about an hour flying plus an hour of time zone. I’d booked a flat via Tripadvisor’s AirBnB equivalent; I texted the owner from the airport as requested, but thanks to (stupid) smart phone country-switching, he didn’t receive the texts. We waited an hour before I rang him to say we were here. No hardship: the flat is on Nyhavn, in the touristic centre of Copenhagen: we sat on the edge of the canal in the sun and enjoyed the view.

The flat might be perfectly located, but it’s not anything like perfectly fitted-out. It will suffice. We’re not here for the flat.

We dumped our bags and went out to explore. I have found the first few hours of a ‘drop-in’ holiday (short journey, no time to disconnect from the Everyday and shift to Holiday) can be tricky. We wandered slowly through the start of the rush hour (bicycles everywhere!) feeling at a loss until we came across Kongens Have, the Kings’ Garden, a park around Rosenborg Castle. A free music festival was starting slowly with chill-musik; we bought beer, sat on the grass and started planning in a leisurely fashion.

Aha! The Round Tower (Rundetaarn) is open until 2000 and it’s only 1730: let’s go and see the city from above!

It’s amazing. The seductive regular irregularity of the steeply-spiralling brick floor is wonderfully lit by the windows ser into the white walls.

There’s an antique privy.

There’s a beautifully-restored view of the bell loft in the attached church. But best of all, there’s a fabulous view from the top.

Mälmo in Sweden is just over there, under that storm.

And look at the old railing! Every panel is different, all based on Viking knots and curves. Not high enough or strong enough for modern health and safety, so there’s a stronger, higher one inside it.

Tycho Brahe‘s observatory is at the very top of the tower.

We meandered back to Nyhavn through streets that feel delightfully European. The older buildings are too ornate – and the new ones too Scandinavian-modern – to be English, too northern to be French. It feels very like Amsterdam, which isn’t surprising. The street art shows a delicacy of touch and humour – here stainless steel inserts between the grey stone paviours create a stream of illusory water flowing under the feet of the shoppers.

After dinner we bought ice cream cones from Vafflebegeren and ate them while walking to try to stay warm. Total fail, so after admiring the opera house we retreated to the flat to get warm! 

Tomorrow? We will decide once we’ve seen the weather forecast. It’s supposed to be damp, but drier than Wednesday, which looks like ‘hide from the rain in a museum all day’.


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2 Responses to Copenhagen Day One

  1. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth says:

    Lovely eye for detail.


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