Copenhagen Day Two, part ii

Across the Indershavnbroen (which opened on the 14th July, only 2 weeks ago), bear left, left again, then follow the crowd to Copenhagen Street FoodMicro-brewery beer, good food, sun, boats. Just as we finished our second plate of food, we inherited two comfy chairs. So we sat and enjoyed another beer while the sun sank behind the Skuespilhuset (Royal Danish Playhouse).

Then we passed our chairs on to the next generation and walked back to the flat. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow.

We really like it here. 


About sarahw

A zoologist who draws, a spinner who weaves, a person who thinks.
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2 Responses to Copenhagen Day Two, part ii

  1. Lynn says:

    The blue water in the last photo matches the indigos of your header!


    • sarahw says:

      I can’t see the header on my phone… but the watee and sky are still blue this morning. Yay! Rain from 1100: museum day 🙂


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