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Copenhagen drain covers: gotta catch ’em all!

Well, maybe not ALL of them. I noticed some days ago that many of the street access covers are much more attractive than those in London. Like New Orleans’ ‘Crescent City’ water company meter covers, they add interest to the … Continue reading

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thoughts on seeing a piece of antique lace

I think I’ve mentioned somewhere that I’m a hand spinner. I use my hands and various tools such as spindles and spinning wheels to make what I’ll loosely term ‘yarn’  from loose fibres by twisting them together. It’s an ancient skill. Yarn … Continue reading

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A quick post: indigo leaf prints

Just to prove I’m still playing with indigo, although I’ve had less time than I thought I would. If you’ve only got a few leaves, try leaf prints. This is Japanese indigo. The technique also works for woad leaves, although … Continue reading

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2015: A Summer of Blue

Or so I hope. I’ve had a thing about indigo for longer than I care to remember. I think it started when my mother included indigo vats in a summer school dyeing class she taught in the early 1970s; in … Continue reading

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Blue! from Leaves!!!

The Hat has been my main focus for the last few months and I can’t blog about it because I hope it will be published. Sorry … But I can tell you all about another chapter in My Adventures with … Continue reading

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